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Sask AG Bell Brochure
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Serve and Return Parent Video

Suggested Books:
30 Million Words - by Dana Suskind, MD
Small Talk - by Ellie White & Jenna Voss
Children with hearing Loss - by Carol Flexer & Eleizabeth Cole

Website Links:
Voice for Hearing Impaired Children (John Tracy Clinic)
The Listening Room
Hearing First Community
Karen Anderson
Atlanta Speech School


Parent strategies for keeping the hearing aids/processors on the young child’s head
Raising a Teen with a Hearing Loss
Hearing aid retention: Babies
Hearing aid retention: toddlers
Hearing aid retention: preschoolers
Classroom Communication Tips
Learning with a Hearing Loss: Things for the Teacher to Know and Understand
What is Strategic Seating?
Ear Mold Social Story

Listening Strategies
Teens with Hearing Loss- article
Guide to Self advocacy skill development
Get Silly and Sing
Hear it Then Show it
Point Out Sound
Learning to Listen: Sounds and Phrases
Tell Me All About It
Familiar Sounds Audiogram
"I hate my hearing aids"
Auditory Memory Strategies
What Parents need to know